10 Ways to Help Indigo, Healers Etc.

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10 Ways to Help Indigo, Healers Etc.

As we are on the cusp of awakening it can feel like our worlds are turned upside down, because it technically is. To wake up in this new hidden world can be quite overwhelming, especially for Indigo, healers etc. To understand ourselves starts with entering unfamiliar territory. Society function with the right and left hemisphere of our brains, unfortunately a good majority of the human population has an imbalance between the left hemisphere and right hemisphere.

One’s intuition is connected by our left-brain our cognitive processing is also dominated by the left hemisphere, hence why most of our society is not in touch with their intuition.

This is why waking up can be overwhelming at first because you are literally learning a new way of being and using your brain. You are beginning to use your right-hemisphere more in the awakened or indigo brain.

Our world and society are filled with dualism, and therefore we transform the dualism of Feminine and Masculine into the sacred balance of unity in the world of awakening.

The awakening of feminine and masculine is called the Kundalini, the dual energetic forces unite in a marriage up the spine awakening the sleeping serpent. To understand the balance between them, you must combine the best of both worlds.

The Left hemisphere/ Masculine current = Material World.

The Right hemisphere / Feminine current = Spiritual / Ethereal World.

1. Your Dreams

The dreams you have can go the masculine or the feminine way, however we are talking about all your dreams combined. It is important to acknowledge both sleeping and awake dreams because they are the foundation for understanding yourself. The
dreams you have when you sleep are about your subconscious aspects of your emotional self (the feminine) and your awake dreams are the golden link to your passions. Well-being and positive vibrations fuel our passions. The most important aspect is that our purpose lives in our divine passions.

To have a deeper understanding of your fears, insecurities, and ways to triumph in life, will be to understand your dreams and the symbolism behind them. For the
wellbeing of your spirit Dream Work is essential. Follow where your dreams take you and follow your bliss.

2. Protective Shielding

Be gentle with yourself in this process, if you found our website you are a sensitive being! A good skill to acquire for advancement would be to protect your Energy, because it teaches you the ability to overcome fear.

To shield is not always energetically, it can be who and what you physically surround yourself with, cluttered environments are scattered mind and negative people drains energy like you will not believe. Ever felt so tired you cannot stay awake when you were talking to someone earlier, headaches or just drained, now you know why!

Elevating your emotions in these circumstances can protect your perspective from spiralling downward, it can also mean understanding negative circumstances is a blessing in disguise. 

Learning to understand your work and home environment in a new way by Naturally shielding your body or surroundings. Effective ways to help the mind flourish is Blessing your home with Golden Light, purifying your space along with energetic shielding by visualization.

You are divinely protected, feel it, life it, be it. there is truly nothing to fear.

3. Language Cycles

You are either unconsciously manifesting outcomes through your negative emotions or your positive emotions, our language cycle are especially important especially once we enter this new world. Principle is what the Universe works on, when you constantly saying “yeah right..”, “that won’t happen for me..”, “I can’t”, “I keep trying…”, “want”, “every”, “don’t”, “never”, “always” and the worst one, “hate” you are sending those unconscious emotions/vibrations/energy into your near and far surroundings.

Complaining, moaning, and always dissatisfied is something one should try not to do every day the entire day…! Your language cycles are the fuel to your experiences, every second of the day.

4. Manifesting

The objective that all is possible comes through understanding that you are protected by the Devine. You should not shy away from these gifts of wonder you possess as you are tremendously gifted. Your reality is a projection of your thoughts, You Are the Creator of Your Reality. 

Greatness will follow you when you set your intentions for greatness. You WILL develop the ability to manifest as your body increases in vibrations as your body increases in vibrations, due to your highly positive vibrational rates you are emitting. All is possible do not look back. 

5. The Belief of Divine Support

Your dreams are being supported; you need to realize it right now. The Universe got you and take care of you! Take a deep breath…. That feels better, now believe it.

Truly, madly, deeply, believe it, once you come to terms with this realization you will see the energy move miracles into being. You will become financially free to support the life purpose you have been dealt with and begin creating your dreams into reality.

6. Discovering The Cosmic Energy Rhythm

All of life is Energy and this energy goes back to the Cosmic Divine Order, where energy flows in waves and cycles throughout our reality. Time is not linear but like fluid, much can be accomplished in the Present Moment and can ripple
through time and space. Stop resisting, and you will surrender to the natural flow where you can perceive Source / Universe / the creator and create anything within your reality.

7. Empathy & Compassion

Compassion and Empathy in the journey of awakening is essential! In the initial stages there is so much judgement, where many people get stuck with the Us vs. Them mentality. There will always be someone who disagrees with you and that will be okay. Honor their individual experience so you can see they have a different perspective on life, Rise up in Compassion and Empathy. By releasing and letting go through understanding that all paths meet in the middle of compassion.

Compassion of Self is also important as we tend to be misunderstood, different and quirky.
Self-Compassion for not fitting in with modern society, our happiness, and our mistakes. Especially compassion for the blossoming of our dreams until the heart centre is awakened and wide-open.

8. Sacred Space

As a sensitive civilization, we need that space, you NEED alone time.  Never feel selfish in needing “me time,” nurturing the Self is vastly important towards empowering your spirit. Creating a place which is organically yours to unplug, ground, centre, breathe and
A safe and beautiful space. 

Wherever you go, as an energy reader you will easily start to notice other’s energy. To help separate your energy body from the feelings and psychic debris of others, the mentioned quiet time is crucial. Find your Quiet Space to Recharge your energy / batteries, you will benefit from it instantly. 

9. Intuitive Guidance & Synchronicity

You always look at clocks when a divine time is shown like 11:11, you just know it is your mom phoning you without seeing your phone screen, you misplaced your car keys, intuitively you check your clothes hamper in the laundry and find them.

The understanding of oneself goes hand in hand with Your Intuitive Guidance. You are bound to feel directionless or unable where to go next if you are not listening to your intuition and the symbolic signs that appear in your reality.


It helps us come back to centre with our core self by going within – tuning onto our Inner Awareness. We can easily communicate to
our true higher self and our internal guidance system when we tune into our inner awareness.

When we start to observe synchronicity patterns, like signs, numbers, déjà vu, or things that you do a double take or questioning you might be in a dream or feel crazy, these are all seen as red flags showing you that something is happening here.

Energy constantly moves. Our observing and Intuitive Guidance to recognise the signs are all great ways to fine tune your energy (also known as vibrations) and aligns with your personal desires and dreams.

It is like the Cosmic thumbs up from the Universe.

10. Remembering

We need to understand this is a Path of Remembering – Not an act of learning!

The Essence of Human Experience is a Spiritual Awakening. Your personal Divine Purpose is Ascending and coming home to Yourself / Higher Self.

It is All about Learning to believe in your true empowerment.

Trust in your feelings, Trust the process and Trust in your Universe / Creator / Source.

Bringing beauty to the world with your Divine Gifts
that we all possess within ourselves,
Is the Most Important of All.

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