Self-Love   –  Self-Appreciation

Self-Love - Self-Appreciation

Young Adult Lightworker

For self -love and self-appreciation Tap on the points and repeat the affirmations/words.

Each Eyebrow:  

Today I choose to honor myself and appreciate who I am.

Outside each eye:  

Today I choose to love myself and respect myself completely.

Under each eye:  

Just for now, I choose to drop my negative judgements I have about myself.

Under the nose:

I choose to recognize who I am and all the things I have accomplished.


I choose to acknowledge all the abilities, talents, and gifts I possess.

Under each Collarbone:  

I choose to look at myself in the eyes and express genuine love for my body, my life and myself.

Under each Arm:  

From this day on, I choose to remind myself on how unique and special I am.

Top of head:  

As I go through my day, I choose to feel all the love flow into me, and flow from me out into the world.

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