ISC Crystals in it's natural setting
ISC Crystals in it's natural setting

Who we are
Indigo's Sacred Crystals

We are a highly specialised group of people with the love of crystals, minerals & fossilized specimens, picked up from all over Southern Africa, for the last 40 years.
Blessed by the opportunity to live in South Africa, surrounded by these amazing energy sources and we strive to share them with you. These specimens have been hand picked without any mining involvement.
The nature surrounding these crystals, minerals & fossilized specimens have not been disturbed in any way or form.
Our group consists of scouts, gatherers & cleansers, as well as marketing, info research & all the rest. Scouting the Mountains, rivers & fields of Southern Africa is a passion we live for.
We are excited to connect with you.

Feel free to explore our crystals or valuable information section.. Alternatively you can also connect with us on instagram or buy from our etsy shop.

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