Ultimate Guide to Crystals for Beginners


Crystals have been used for centuries for their healing properties. They are believed to have special physical and/or optical properties that can interact with the body’s energy field and create balance and alignment. Crystals can be used for healing purposes by placing them on or near the body, meditating with them, or exposing them to sunlight, moonlight, or X-ray radiation. 

Some of the benefits of crystals that are claimed by some sources are: staying alert and focused, promoting self-healing, inner peace, calmness, and relief, promoting spiritual growth and enlightenment, and enhancing psychic abilities. However, these benefits may not be noticed or experienced by everyone, and some may never come up. ¹²³


Protection, Gardening, Healing.


Peace, Cleans Aura, Healing.


Vitality, Confidence, Peace.


Protection, Centring, Purifying.


Courage, Energy, Protection.


(Self Cleansing) – Protection.


Balancing, Anti-Depression.


Grounding, Divination.


Emotions, Calms, Aids Insomnia.


Love, Wisdom, Gardening.


Protection, Healing, Beauty.


Protection, Ant-Nightmare, Luck.


Recall Dreams, Prophecy.


Love, Peace, Psychic Powers.


Loyalty, Protection, Peace.


Divination, Balancing, Love.


Grounding, Protection, Peace.


Enhances and Protects Aura.

Rose Quartz

Gentle Love, Heals Emotions.


Energy, Clarity, Awareness.


Resourcefulness, Peace.


Wisdom, Healing, Meditation.


Protection, Energy, Blessing.

Tiger Eye

Grounding, Willpower, Luck.


Courage, Inspiration, Love.


Clarity, Transformation.

Where to keep your Crystals

By the front door

Grounding and clearing the incoming energy.

Under your pillow

Promoting, relaxing, and improving sleep quality.

In your purse or shoulder bag

Attracting financial wealth and opportunities

Around your plants

Strengthening the health of the plants and boosting growth

In your sacred space

Supporting and focusing on specific intentions

Near your bathtub or shower

Enhancing baths, selfcare, selflove and energetic cleansing.

Uses for Crystal Shapes

Natural Shapes


Brings Unity to any space it is placed.


Used for Manifesting and Focus.


Charging tool and Cleansing

Shaped shapes


Massage Tool and Meditation


Manifests Desires and Dreams


Heart Chakra tool and Meditation

How to program your crystal

Setting intentions for the work you’ll do together it is like giving your crystal a job.

Be specific with your intention to help bring your transformation to the light, you need to be specific and clear when programming your Crystal.

1 Cleanse your crystal

2 Close your eyes and hold your crystal in your hand, take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

3 Reflect on what makes you happy, the Earth and on your faith.  This will connect you and your highest vibration.

4 Ask that your crystal be cleared of all the unwanted energy and any previous programming while being in this space of light and live.

In your head or aloud say the following: “I ask that the highest vibration of light and love connect with my highest self to clear all the unwanted energy and any previous programming.”

I command this Crystal to hold the intention of… To finish this sentence add 3 intentions for your crystal energies you wish to hold for you.

5 End your programming by saying the words “Thank You” 3 times.

When saying it 3 times you are emphasizing that what you are asking for, exists in the Universe already.

Crystals for Anxiety

Petrified wood for Anxiety

Place Petrified Wood between and just below the feet. It is perfect for clearing the mind of worry, by grounding, and pulling you back to the present moment you are in, to be conscious in the moment.

Snowflake Obsidian for Anxiety

Use Snowflake Obsidian to help balance your Yin and Yang energies in the body, this represents the balance between light and dark energies in your conscious mind.

Moonstone for Anxiety

The Moonstone is perfect to balance your emotions as well as cycles and patterns in your life.

Aquamarine for Anxiety

Holding Aquamarine one in each hand, creates a beautiful wave of energy, this energy sweeps through the body, washing away anxiety, fear, and worry.

Angelite for Anxiety

Often it is used to connect to angels, guides, and ascended masters. Angelite’s soft energy vibrates at a high frequency and creates subtle, long-lasting shifts in your consciousness.

Rose Quartz for Anxiety

It is a stone that can nurture you when you need it the most. Rose Quartz emits a soft and gentle energy filled with support and comfort, the crystal of Love and Self Love.

Lepidolite for Anxiety

This crystal contains large amounts of Lithium and is thought to balance the hemispheres of your brain as well as promoting emotional stability to those who use it.

Crystals For Happiness

Amber For Happiness

This gemstone is associated with Happy energy of sunlight. It is thought to evoke the feeling of well-being, comfort, happiness, and friendliness. This is the perfect gem for anyone who wishes to warm up from the Winter’s cold.

Larimar For Happiness

It Is known for creating serene and relaxing atmospheres and allows its wearer to accept the unchangeable. Larimar is a gemstone for happiness not necessarily changes a life situation, but it helps to shift your perspective to view it in a positive light.

Turquoise For Happiness

This amazing stone offers the assurance of well-being, which is needed, revitalizing the depleted spirit, promoting forgiveness and compassion, not only for other people but also for oneself. One cannot begin to embark on the mission for happiness until a love of the self is properly established.


For Every Ailment

agate for Healing

Detoxifies And Eases Anxiety

Amethyst for Healing

Helps By Relieving Headaches, Fatigue and Promotes Good Dreams, Good Skin, Supports Bones and Joints.

Citrine for Healing

Used To Boost Concentration, Boost Memory, and Spark Creativity.

Opal for Healing

It Increases Inspiration and Creativity, Helps with PMS And Headaches.

Quartz for Healing

Helps By Relieving Stress, Frustration and Eases Anxiety.

Aquamarine for Healing

Aids With Gastrointestinal Disorders as Well as Acid Reflux

Bloodstone for Healing

Helps Regulate Blood Pressure and Supports the Circulatory System. Good For Colds.

Garnet for Healing

Good For Tissue Regeneration, Back Pain, and Calcium Deficiencies.

Jade for Healing

Great To Support the Adrenal Glands and Relieves Headaches.

Onyx for Healing

Rids The Home of Negative Energy and Cleanses the Air.

Topaz for Healing

Works To Balance Hormones and Combat Aging.

Crystals to Battle Trauma

Cluttered Mind

Howlite & Magnesite

Bodily Abuse


Mental Abuse



Mangano Calcite

Crystals to Heal Houseplants

Clear Quartz to Heal Houseplants  

Allows your plant to receive your positive energy & intention easily.

Moss Agate to Heal Houseplants

Inspires growth & strengthens the connection with nature.

Aventurine to Heal Houseplants

Helps to be abundant & for your plant to flourish in its environment.

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