14 Signs You Are or Have an Indigo Child!

14 Signs you are or Have an Indigo Child!

Indigo Child

1.     You or they have strong connections with Animals and Nature.

2.     You or they are highly compassionate and empathetic.

3.     You or they want to change the World.

4.     You or they are passionately creative

5.     You or they are headstrong and a nonconformist.

6.     You or they are highly intuitive.

7.     People say you or they “…are an old soul”.

8.     You are an “outside the box” thinker.

9.     You or they are very strong willed.

10.            You or they are a truth-seeker and passionate.

11.            You or they have a loner-personality.

12.            You or they are idealistic.

13.            You or they are intelligent and perceptive.

14.            You or they are a great leader.

The energy you have attracts people who are the same

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